How to set up an alert if no orders come in a certain time frame?

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is there a way to set up a flow to send an email if we do not get any orders in a certain time frame?


similar to this: 

but we are not a headless install. We use Shopify Plus. 


Searching for apps seems to return apps that let us know when there IS an order. 


any recommendations?

thank you!


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Hello @GFW-webAdmin 


With Klaviyo, you can stay connected with your customers through notifications that ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Here's a helpful article that can guide you through the process:


I hope the above is useful to you.
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Thank you for your reply. Allow for clarification

This email is NOT for customers. This is to let the shop owners know when the checkout is not working. 


Scenario: A developer updated a setting on our site. That setting affected the shipping button, it clicked but kept the customer back to the same page. We were not getting errors, but customers were not able to checkout. 


in this scenario, a good solution would be to receive notification if we have not had any orders in a certain time frame. 


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Did you ever come up with a solution here? We'd like to implement the same thing. Thanks!