How to set up local pickup with online payment only?

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Our webshop offers the usual creditcard / paypal / and COD ( cash on delivery ) options to the customer . We want to launch a Local Pickup option too in our new store , but we also want to restrict the customers to be able to pay with creditcard / paypal ONLY before we start reserving his pacakge in the local store.

Turning off COD would not be an option , as large % of our customers uses this when ordering a delivery.

I was not able to find any articale about this topic . I'm looking for both easy / app , or even complex 'coding required' solutions too .

Anyone faced this issue before ?

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Hello @Active991 


Unfortunately it's not possible to not have Cash on Delivery only for local pickup orders on Shopify (unless your store is a Shopify Plus store).


The reason behind this is that on Shopify all payment methods active on the store are always available for every purchase and it's not possible to limit them in any way based on any conditions. Shopify also does not allow anyone, including apps, to edit or alter the checkout process in any way which means that it's also not possible to hide the COD payment option for Local Pickup orders.


The only solution if you are not a Shopify Plus store is to add a note to your COD payment method message saying something like: "IMPORTANT: Cash on Delivery is NOT available for Pickup orders". You can add this note by going to your Shopify Settings -> Payments page -> scroll down to your COD payment method.


Hope this helps!



Install Releasit Cash On Delivery for free here:
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Okay, you can hide cash on delivery for Local Pickup with PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. COD will be still available for other delivery types. These are the steps you need to follow:


  1. Choose Cash on Delivery from the Select payment methods field.
  2. Select Hide if found and Local Pickup from the Delivery types field like the screenshot below.




Now, if a customer selects Local Pickup as his delivery method then he cannot see the COD option at the checkout page anymore.