How to set up using 2 brand options. Example: Gildan and Bella Canvas.

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I'm new to shopify and am setting up my shop. I sell shirts and the tshirt brand is Bella Canvas, but I offer Gildan OR Bella for sweatshirts since the Bella sweatshirts might be out of budget for some people. So I need the customer to select tshirt or sweatshirt, then if they select sweatshirt, I need them to pick either Gildan or Bella, then the pricing and colors for those within each option (not sure if that makes sense). HELP! 🙂 

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What you're looking for sounds like conditional variant options. There's a number of apps that can help with setting up the flow exactly that you're looking for. Just do a quick search on the Shopify App store and you'll see many options:


Ones that I've personally used that should work with your requested set up:
- Infinite Options

- Bold Product Options (looks like it was renamed to SC Product Options recently)

- Zepto Product Personalizer


An alternative approach is to set up your T-Shirts and Sweatshirts as separate products and link them together. However, if you're new to Shopify, that is a bit more of an advanced customization. But if you're curious, this is a tutorial on how to set it up:


Finally, depending on your store set up, you may want to re-think the offerings to your customers. If you're doing customer upload prints, then it could make sense to give them different shirt brand options, but if you are making your own designs and selling it as branded apparel, then imo it's better for you to make the decision for the customers you want to attract instead. What you offer also plays into how you position your brand. I think the old adage "If you try to be all things to all people, you won't be anything to anybody" is relevant here.


Hope that helps!

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Thank you! This is great feedback! I typically sell the higher end priced sweatshirts to my customers, but I've recently been asked to do spirit wear for my sons baseball team and was hoping to offer a "cheaper" sweatshirt as well so the higher price tag doesn't scare people away. Thank you for sharing the option ideas as well. All helpful!

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Ah, in that case it may make sense for it to be a private listing. You could offer these cheaper options but have the listing hidden from the rest of your store so that it doesn't confuse your normal customers.

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Hi @michellelholm,


The Easify Product Options app is perfect for fulfilling your needs. It enables you to effortlessly create various options for your products, such as different types of shirts (T-shirt, Sweatshirt), brands (Gildan, Bella), colors, and more.

With its intuitive conditional logic feature, you can ensure that only relevant options are displayed based on the selections made. For instance, if a customer chooses a T-shirt from the Gildan brand, they'll only see the color options available for Gildan T-shirts 🤗.

Additionally, the add-on product feature simplifies linking relevant products to these options seamlessly.

Here's a quick demo to showcase its functionality:

  • Storefront:







  • App settings:







If you provide us with more information, we can offer a step-by-step setup guide tailored to your specific needs. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to the Easify team via the in-app live chat for instant assistance. The app is designed to be user-friendly, and we're confident you'll find it incredibly helpful for your store. Hope you can give it a try 🙌!

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I recommend trying Kickflip to create a product customizer. With an intuitive and elegant interface, customers can visualize endless product variants. Also, Kickflip offers Conditional Logic, which enables you to offer an efficient customization workflow based on your clients' choices.

I encourage you to check out our Youtube channel to see our solution in action. You can even try it for free by creating your account here.


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!

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