How to show specific gift card designs in email notifications?

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Hello everyone,

We would like to offer different gift cards for different occasions in one of our stores.

We have created various designs for this purpose.

However, when one of the vouchers is purchased, the corresponding e-mail with the voucher always only displays the standard gift card image from Shopify or, if we change the code, a specific image that we specify.

Is there a way to display the stored design, i.e. the product image of the respective gift card, in the email?

Thank you very much for your support!

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You should be able to change it from the settings > notifications menu in the admin, however might need to use a app or something to change the image for each individual email you sent out. 

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Sadly like @lets_create said this cannot be done without an app. Without an app you can change the picture but you cant change it based on the card that is sent. My app iziGift will allow you to send a picture of whatever gift card is purchased.