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How to sort collection filters alphabetically?

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Hi There,


We've read the docs on filtering but are confused sorry. We sell bedding so the sizes are Queen, King etc. How do we control the order of the filter menu or get Shopify to use variant order (they're not even alphabetical)?


The docs mention custom metafileds but the example shown is for custom data. Plus, switching to metafields would be an enormous amount of work so we're assuming Shopify doesn't expect us to do that - right?


It would be huge improvement if the filters just displayed alphabetically but we'd prefer it the order set in product variants was used - is this possible?


Cheers, Ben

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To sort products on the collection alphabetically, you can set the sorting option manully on category edit page to "Product title A-Z".




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To arrange your collection's products alphabetically, follow these steps: On the category edit page, manually select the sorting option 'Product title A-Z.' This will organize your products in ascending alphabetical order based on their titles, making it easier for customers to navigate and find what they're looking for.

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@theycallmemakka  @mike1121  Thanks guys but I’m not sure you read my post, I’m talking about the variant sorting from the collections page, not product sorting. 

Dawn has filters, and when enabled, they appear on the left. They allow the user to show only products of a certain size or colour. But the order of the size names doesn’t follow the order set in the variants, or even alphabetically. 

See this page:


Then on the left, click ‘size’. Those sizes don’t display alphabetically and not do the follow the order set within each product. 


How do we control the order of the size names in this drop-down menu? 

Any help much appreciated. Cheers

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Did you figure out how to control the sort order? I am having the same issue, and from the look of your filters, I think you might have found a solution.

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Sorry, still confused about how this works. I think it always shows most popular first? I wish there was an option to use the order shown in product variants or if using Shopify's Search and Discovery app to group variants, it's kind of mandatory to be able control the order. I've left filtering on but it's kind of a mess.