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How To Stop Referrer Spam

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I am having troubles with Refereal Spam in my webpage.

It is messing with my Referal information and makes data more difficult to analyze.

How do I avoid Robots and Spiders from Referrer Spam in Shopify?

Thank you!


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Albert, where are you seeing the referral spam? If it's in Google Analytics, follow my guide to block referral spam for Shopify. There are a variety of things you can do like using a higher number tracking ID, stopping other websites from loading your analytics ID, and blocking spam bots.

If it's spam in Shopify's analytics, that is harder because it is their propriertary system you cannot influence. You can contact their support sharing the spam and it's possible they will escalate it.

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I found the information on this thread to be very useful. Thanks!

What expression should I use to exclude this:

Thanks again!

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Was there ever a resolution to the vercel-apps exclusions? We're seeing thousands of daily sessions in our Shopify and Google analytics and would like to exclude it.

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Same here - that " " is destroying my analytics, conversion rate, etc ... I want to block those people from even visiting my Shopify site - I don't even know who/what they are, but we only market in the United States, and now we're getting 2x the traffic from the Philippines, Kenya, etc,. than our USA traffic.

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Have you tried using a blocking app? This is the cheapest one I could find but there are plenty of others.

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Thanks JonWright, just installed it and blocked the IP from that referral URL. 
I've read that even with blocking apps, they run simultaneously as Shopify Analytics, so that even though they may block the traffic, Shopify Analytics may continue to show it.

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how did you identify the IP adress?