How to use Stripe on Shopify, even in the USA

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This is a method I personally discovered and it works flawlessly. You're welcome!

  1. In your store, go to Settings > Payments > Shopify Payments
  2. Disable Shopify Payments (if it isn't already disabled)
  3. Go to Settings > Store Details > Address
  4. Open Google Maps, find France, and find a random building
  5. Go back to Shopify, input the address of building, make sure to set country to France
  6. Input random French phone number. All French numbers have 10 digits and begin with 0.
  7. Save and navigate back to Settings > Payments
  8. Click "choose alternate payment" or "third party provider"
  9. Click Activate Stripe
  10. Login with your regular Stripe details / make an account
  11. Once done, go back to Settings > Store Details > Address
  12. Change the country back to your own and input your own address
  13. Change the currency back to US dollars or your own currency

After this, you will be processing your payments in Stripe. Your checkout will not be changed, it will appear the exact same. All payments will be sent to your Stripe account and you have way more flexibility and access to payment details. You'll have features such as Stripe's Instant Payouts and Stripe Climate, as well as Radar (industry leading fraud prevention), chargeback insurance/protection. You'll have better financial export tools as well.


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Is it legal?