How to view list of Orders that are shipped but not delivered (USPS Shipment)

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I want to filter orders on my Shopify Dashboard that are fulfilled but not delivered yet. We are using USPS which is integrated with Shopify. Individual Orders have that information whether the order is delivered or not but I can't find a filter on Order Listing to do that.



Vishwesh Shetty

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You cannot directly do that in Shopify. As you have mentioned, the Shopify orders page shows information for individual orders. To have a list of all orders information, you will have to use an app like Multi Carrier Shipping Label, that will show the status of all your orders under a single dashboard. Check out the image below.


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Will this help in your case?

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I would also like to have "delivered" status included in the filters, you have Open, Archived, fulfilled etc. How hard is it to include shipping status or at least as a searchable field? Manually updating orders seems unnecessary, but I really like Shopify- most of the time.


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Looking for this basic functionality as well. Honestly almost every time I google for "how to do X in Shopify" I find one of these threads which indicates the functionality is not possible currently, and then recommends a paid app to do it. Shopify should seriously be rolling functionality like this into the main product, it's kind of crazy that it can't be done. Other examples:

  • buying a second shipping label for an order, in the case that something has to be re-shipped (not currently possible, requires an app or a workaround process)
  • changing the weight of an item to affect the weight of products already placed by customers but not yet fulfilled (can only be done manually, per order) 
  • this issue - seeing delivery status in one place (requires an app or manual order-by-order investigation)
  • filtering unfulfilled orders by product (not currently possible - and honestly, this one blows my mind)

I understand some functionality is very custom, and apps fill a good role there. But basic stuff like this should be a part of an ecommerce product that I pay a decent amount for.