HS Codes not pulling through to Click and Drop

HS Codes not pulling through to Click and Drop

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We have just integrated Click and Drop for our Shopify EU sales. However we are having to add the HS Codes, Description and Country of Origin manually. If I look at Collections in the back end of our site it states that all collections are excluded from Click and Drop? Does anyone know of a fix?

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This has been the case for a number of months it seems. HS codes/origin will have to be entered manually per order, which slows things down a lot

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Hi Shirley , 

Click and Drop just does not take HS number from Shopify. There is a need for another call to API to get the HS code for the line item and C&D does not do it. 

One way is  fix it is to input generic code in the C&D settings (this code will be automatically used for all your items):





or upload catalog into C&D - they do have this functionality , even though I have never seen anyone use it: 




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