HS country specific codes?

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Hey there, To anyone that might have any experience shipping internationally. Im a one person company and I have about 4 artisanal products that are handmade out of wood. I would like to start shipping internationally. My business is extremely niche, so I could possibly just have random orders from different countries around the globe. My question is how important is it to get the full HS number? I can find what I think is the right 6 digit number but to find all the other digits for every country extremely time consuming and some countries I tried and couldn’t even find the numbers. Do I need this? Should I pay someone to find all these numbers for basically everywhere DHL can ship for these 4 products? I was told that would cost anywhere from 200-2000€!! Any experience and advice from you all in this area would be good as gold . Thanks for your time and help. 

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