HTML Tags for Edge

HTML Tags for Edge

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I'm working on integrating Edge with Shopify, and to properly format the product descriptions we currently have, Edge requires the descriptions to be in HTML format. How would you write the product description shown in the image below using HTML tags?
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For the mentioned situation, here is the code:

<div class="space">
<li>18K white gold</li>
<li>1.45 total diamond carat weight</li>
<li>Stone count: 165 round diamonds</li>
<li>Pave flower diamond</li>
<p><em>Other sizes are made to order, which may affect pricing. Please contact us for sizing and additional information <u><b>here</b></u>.</em></p>

margin-left: 25px;
.space ul li, p {
font-size: x-large;
font-family: cursive;
color: black;

{% schema %}
"name": "test",
"settings": [],
"presets": [
"name": "test"
{% endschema %}