Hundreds of Abandoned Cart messages from the same fictitious buyer

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Over the past week, we have over 200 abandoned carts from James James with fictitious contact information. What could be causing this, is it detrimental to our store, how do we stop it?   

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It is probably some sort of bot, or an attempt to find a vulnerability in the website (wouldn't worry too much, Shopify has pretty good security systems in place). It shouldn't have a detrimental effect on your store beyond being very annoying.

You can delete their user account from your Shopify admin. That should help, although in theory they can just create another. 

Go to Customers> Click On Problem Customer> More Actions> Delete Customer


There are apps that claim to solve spam accounts, but not sure how effective they are. May be worth looking into.

Hope that helps!

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Deleting the account doesn't do a thing, this bot goes straight to checkout and the "account" is created there every time. I delete, it reappers, I delete again, it reappears. No blocking app has worked so far either, this bot is going directly to shopify. If the item is free, best thing to do is give it a price. This bot is testing credit card numbers by looking for free items.