I am lost , how can i get product to my online

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I'm so interested and exited to start . 

I've downloaded the shopify store app but how to get dropshipping product in there ????? Please tell me 

Regards Jasmina Jay 

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Hi @JasminaJay!


Welcome to Shopify! To start importing drop shipping products into your store, you will need to download a drop shipping app from Shopify app store and set up your account in your chosen drop shipping application. It is also where all your products will be coming from, and you can also look for suppliers for your drop shipping business. Since you are new at this, it is also best to read the How To Start Dropshipping: A 9 Step Guide (2024) - Shopify blog to give you further insights.


Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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