I am stuck on Variants

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I need to add things on to an item rather than them be different.

For example

Balloons - without helium or add helium

But I would only say 10 packs of balloons, so person a comes along and buys 10 packs uninflated - I would then need them at 0

But it leaves it open for person b to come along and then be able to purchase 10 packs inflated

Is there a way round this?

Without having to constantly edit them every time the other goes? I already have some third party apps but each time I get another app to do something else it can connect with that app etc.


Thanks in Advance

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This is a common scenario that our users use our bundle app for.

What you need to do is bundle up each variant and link it to your inventory SKU. For example:

  • Product BALLOONS contains 10 quantity
  • Variant ABC - bundle of BALLOONS x 1
  • Variant XYZ - bundle of BALLOONS x 1

Our app calculates the stock of both these variants to be 10 from the component that makes the bundle - BALLOONS.

When one of these variants sells we split the order into the bundle components thus updating the BALLOONS quantity. 

We then recalculate all linked products to the BALLOONS product so ABC and XYZ would be same as BALLOONS new quantity.

If you need helping set it up and test just get in touch by email.



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