I am trying to connect live stores through CMS but not connected. for test stores it's working.

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Our main purpose is to connect different shopify live store into our CMS and if any product is created or updated or their quantity are updated then update it in our CMS. For that I am using shopify admin rest API and for connect the shopify store I am already do OAuth Authentication and other steps. For testing purpose, I am just create the store with test data in my shopify app and it's proper worked. but when i am connecting the live custom store then it's send unauthorized error and when i am connecting public live store then it's send error message like this: this app needs to be reviewed by shopify before it can be installed. We also tried to submit the app to the shopify for the review but they said OAuth is not implemented in our CMS's login page. Actually When logged in CMS we do one option for connect the shopify. So in that page enter the shopify domain name and in background i set app client id and secret key in my code. so i have to asked every store's app client id and secret key and API version or what? how to connect live stores. can you describe me the whole steps or something. So we can easily connecting the live stores.

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