I am unable to select other condition options when using Product Tags selections other than "is equal to"

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The system wont allow me to sellect "contains, start, ends, etc" in the conditions list when using product tags as the condition? My desire is the have this collection be items that are tagged T10 for my top 10 items. Some of those items have other tags as well. I have the condtion set to "any conditions" but the drop down after I select the Product Tags will not allow me to select anything other than "is equal to". If I change the selector to something else like Product Title or any of the others from the dropdown then I am able to select the various conditions? Seems like this might be a bug?

Any help would be GREAT! 



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"Prodcut tag is equal to" means that the prodcut has a tag on it that is equal to that value. 

A tag is checked as a whole, so there is no "contains, start, ends" when it come to tags.

So, "Prodcut tag is equal to T10" would add all of those prodcuts to the collection, even if they have other tags.

Is there a specific prodcut/tag that this won't work for on your store?

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I know this post is old.  But here it is year 2020 and I am still unable to create a collection the way I want to.


Why does a collection filtering have to be so inflexible?  You have 2 choices: matching every condition, or matching any condition... that is simply not going to work for us.  In my case, I am trying to sell taps and die sets.  I use product model tags of R16, R36, R60, R110. 


When my supplier drops the R60 and R110 models, the collection options no longer work. 

We should be able to have an option to exclude certain tags, or be able to build a collection with both choices:


1) We should be able to select criteria that matching every condition

2) We should be able to select criteria matching any condition.


So 2 filters for every collection... One filter for matching every rule, one filter for matching any rule.  My two cents and this would save shop owners a lot of time.





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Shopify doesn't do simple things like this so they can earn commission from apps.

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Hello there, just wanted to introduce our app Advanced Collection here, which we just updated and should be relevant to this thread - https://apps.shopify.com/advanced-custom-collections


It has some criteria not available by default in Shopify, and enables you to create a collection based on includes and excludes e.g. including products with tags that starts with or contains certain text, and excluding products with certain tags or if their price is lower than the compared at price. And whenever you update / add a product, it will sync automatically.


There is a free trial too, do try it out!

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It is absolutely ridiculous that we should have to pay extra for yet another app to be able to do something so basic like this.  This is the kind of thing that is keeping me looking for alternatives to shopify.

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I am trying to choose the option "Contains" but no matter how many times I click, I don't succeed as it seems that this dropdown list is DISABLED: