I can not add multiple pictures for my variants

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So i have have an issue with our products variant. When i create a product, i want to have different colors as an option and also different sizes. I am using the Dawn theme. Right now i am experiencing that when I create a variant, i can only add one additional pictures to the variant, and then all the pictures of the parent products remain on display when i choose the other variants.

An example: We have a boxing glove in 3 colors, black, red and blue. All the gloves comes in size 10 Oz, 12 Oz, 14 Oz, and 16 Oz. I have created the boxing gloves in black as the parent product, and the variants in red and blue. When i click the red one, only one pictures of the red glove can be seen mean while all the other pictures that i added to the parent product remains on display. I want to all the pictures for the red option to ONLY bee displayed when I press the red variant and when I click the blue option I want the picture connected to the red option to be replaced with pictures of the blue variant and so on. Then i want to display all the color variants on the products page afterwards. 


Can somebody help me explain how I do this? 

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Hello @Boxingbrain 


Assigning multiple images to same variant is possible using image alt. Image can be group using image alt you have to add same colors as alt in multiple images and the code needs to edited to work as per the image alts >> https://prnt.sc/mi-78LWvC1Wn thus I wanted to suggest you to contact Theme developer to accomplish this at a reasonable price. Sharing this as an option in case you are unable to find a coding solution in your thread here. If you are looking for a developer don't hesitate to open an email thread.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.



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As another user mentioned you can modify your product page to show multiple images per variant using image alt text.


While it requires a little development work, there are some DIY resources online that explain how to do it yourself.

This video shows another DIY approach that I think is more user friendly that I think is manageable for non-coders.


Take a look and if it's not a fit then maybe you can look at installing an app (a quick search will find many) or hiring a developer instead

DIY theme customization tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/@theprompted