I cant get templates to show on my home page

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I cant get ANY templates to show on my homepage, once i changed the default 'featured collection' template to something else none showed up after i press save and viewed my home page. i can see them perfectly in edit mode but not on the actual store page, my theme is also live.

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Hi @veskuh !
Hope you are doing well!
it can be solved if we get proper way to work on it.

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Im doing alright, thanks! Basically im in the theme customization section and im trying to add a multirow template from taskbar on the left hand side and im seeing the multirow in the customization section, i can edit the multirow template and everything but when i click save and go to see what my store page looks like its not there. When i come back to customize my theme the multirow is there like it should be. Im also using spotlight 13.0.0 theme if that is relevant