I had to stop our store for a little bit( Have not had any sales yet). When we start back up, are we

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I had to stop our store for a little bit( Have not had any sales yet). When we start back up, are we able to total redo our store?


Also, what is the best drop shipping place to work with?

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Hi @Rachelle06 


Welcome to the Shopify Community! Those are some great questions, I'd be happy to help you out here.


You mentioned that you had to stop your store for a while. Did you move over to the Pause & Build plan? Or have you simply stepped away from the store? The reason I ask is because if the store is on an active plan and left open, then the subscription charges will continue, and may lead to some unexpected charges on your credit card. Moving to the Pause & Build plan will allow you to take a pause from selling on Shopify, but continue working on your store at a reduced monthly cost.


Alternatively, perhaps you have cancelled your subscription and deactivated your Shopify store? If that is the case then the store would be completely inaccessible until you re-open it. However, you can still re-open your store at a later date, and your store's information is guaranteed for 2 years. You could of course simply decide to start from scratch and open a completely new store - the choice is yours.


You were wondering about dropshipping, and who is the best place to work with. We usually recommend the free DSers app as a good fit for most merchants! It allows you to add products from AliExpress to your store and it has a lot of positive reviews on the Shopify App Store. To learn more about dropshipping in general, I would highly recommend checking out our ultimate guide to dropshipping here. It explains everything you need to know about getting started, and includes some great tips and tricks.


I would love to know what kind of products you were selling on your store, and what kind of things you have already tried to increase your sales? If you haven't made a marketing plan yet, I would highly suggest doing so. Creating an online presence using social media platforms can help to increase organic traffic to your store, and placing paid ads can also be effective if done correctly - using the marketing plan will help you keep on track. We also have a blog post here about various ways to increase sales and make more money, I would suggest checking it out as you might get some good ideas from it.


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