I have a huge problem that is really affecting me.

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Hi, i am the leader of a hustle or a society. Diamond Society. Curently im having a huge problem. Now it is not something i can affect, but we together can. As you know you have to have a payment option/plan to sell. Well, i have absolutly no way paying and i didnt waste my time to just leave my store to die. No. If you have time Contact Shopify itself and tell them to change this. I am not the only one with this problem and this should resolved. I already did contact Shopify Support and it was a waste of time. Tell them to change so that people who did not select a plan can still sell as everyone else. So that they can give everyone a oportunity. And not only to those who can pay. I know it is not expensive, but it is creating a huge problem and i honestly think that shopify should let everyone to sell even without a plan.

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