I have a niche, but I'm not sure which product categories I should offer

I have a niche, but I'm not sure which product categories I should offer

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Hi guys, 

I have been thinking to open a dropshipping print on demand business, that offers unique designs, that is user friendly, and offers high quality services. I was thinking if it would be better for a beginner to offer more or less product categories in the beginning. If I would offer a lot of product categories(personalized cutting boards, coffeee mugs, travel mugs, water bottles, wall art, phone cases, mouse pads, etc), I would have to invest a lot of money and time in order create so many different designs, then to test all these designs. Another valid point would be, that considering that it is typically that one Pod supplier doesn t offer all these different product categories, I would have collab with more, and this would be another disadvantage in the beginning, since this would mean more shipping costs. For example if somebody buy two products that are supplied by two of my different suppliers, I would have to pay more shipping costs, and of course the client too, which is not practical. This is why I was thinking to focus only on 3-4 product categories in the beginning that are strongly related to each other(like a niche). This not only creates a strong brand identity, i would also stay more cost effective, it would be more strategical, since I could extract more data from the sales and see which products and designs work better and which not and gradually incorporate more of these winning designs. With that approach I would grow the company gradually, avoiding unnecessary costs, focusing on brand identity and quality and gradually I would be able to incorporate more product categories. What do you think about these strategy?

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@erikoniga  Starting with 3-4 related product categories is a smart strategy for a beginner in dropshipping and print on demand. It helps create a strong brand identity, keeps costs manageable, and allows you to focus on quality and effective design testing. As you gather sales data and understand customer preferences, you can gradually expand your offerings. This approach ensures you build a solid foundation without overwhelming yourself or your customers.

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