I have changed the website design now facing issue in Google Indexing

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Recently I have changed the website theme of my website LittleToes.com.

After my website is indexed my ranking is dropped and then I have reviewed the index page. 
I have seen that - Bamboo Diper collection page is indexed but it shows all product collection pages. It doesn't show the Bamboo diaper collection page in the Index. 

I have never seen this time of indexing issue in Google. How it has happened that - Google is indexing this - https://littletoes.com/collections/bamboo-diapers but actually Google is index shows this page - https://littletoes.com/collections/all

Check the screenshot I have attached below.


Please share you feedback if anyone have any idea about how to fix this. Thank you in Advance.

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No response yet from the support team.

Two weeks before I have hidden the all-collection page and now I am waiting for the indexing of the collection pages. I have set up approx 12 collection pages out of which only 1 page is indexed by Google. 

I thought after I remove the all-collection page, Google will start indexing the actual collection pages but still, there is no improvement. This is my first experience where Google has not indexed the existing the pages which was ranked 1st position on organic results before changing the website theme.

All this happen after I changed the website theme. I thought a new theme will help us to improve the sales but now the situation is worst.

Here anyone has faced this issue? If yes then what you did to solve this kind of issue.

Please share your feedback.



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The search engine works well most of the time. Our staff works hard to prevent problems that could affect our online search users or webmasters whose websites we index and deliver. In the same way, the systems underlying the search engine are likewise running as usual. In the case of slight disturbances, they are not apparent to anyone other than our teams, who are responsible for ensuring that our products work. However, like with any complex system, significant disruptions can sometimes occur, causing disturbances to users and designers of the website.

Different elements of our infrastructure have been hit by this problem over the previous few months with our indexing systems. While we are working to resolve this matter as quickly as possible, we apologize, as our aim is to continually supply our users and the web ecosystem with high-quality products.
Since then, we have been examining the problem closer and more carefully. We have learned a couple of lessons through this process that we would like to share. In the blog post, we will learn more about the events, explain how we aim to communicate more clearly in the future when these things happen, and remind web owners of channels to which they can use to communicate with us.

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Are you here to pitch your services or helping me to fix this error? I don't want to know what your team is doing. I just want to make my site indexable. It is been 2 months now after changing the website site and still, my website collection pages are not getting indexed. Because of this indexing issue, I have lost the ranking.

If you can fix this problem then do it, or let me know what I can change in Shopify.


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I also have never heard of such a problem before. It's good that you noticed and share. It would be nice if you could share the results and tell me how you solved the problem. This will help many people avoid making the same mistakes when changing their web design.