I just signed up for a trial and had some issues setting up the subscription.

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I set up a store and I think there was an issue with setting it up... I see my store name and I went in and changed it to the name I wanted. Our Shirts Are funny... well when I went back the name had not changed when I clicked save. So I did it again.. no change in the address bar... so I did it again... so I have 3 stores?Screenshot (278)1.png

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Hi @ourshirts!


I understand that this can be frustrating as instead of changing your Store name, it just created another account. I will give you some insights regarding this.


Here are the steps on changing your store name:

  1. Go to Settings.


    2. Click >Store details >edit icon >enter store name



After that, hit save and your store name should be changed. If it has not changed despite waiting or refreshing your admin within 24 hours, then I highly suggest that you reach out to Shopify Support advisor through Shopify Help Center so, then can further check your account and see what is wrong.


Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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