I need a experience shopify dvp for urgent task

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I need a help 


This is based on regions. Each of these regions has a different price. The shipping is always free, however, the shipping cost is baked into the item cost. What I need is to have carts with a balance of $7000 or greater to receive pricing that is based on a calculation.


The calculation would be Regional pricing applied (minus) base pricing (times) # of times item occurs in the cart like a total discount. This would apply across all items in the cart. From what I understand about draft carts, this needs to either be done as an entire site-pricing model where we can run this calculation on checkout or there is a javascript solution to inject a discount calculated on cart total before checkout using bold pricing.

We have done 50% work but after the page refresh the discount didn't show:


Can anybody help me with this task?


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