I’ve had my shop now for 8 months with ZERO sales

I’ve had my shop now for 8 months with ZERO sales

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Hello, my shop is Www.VintageTreasures1955.com I’ve had my shop now for 8 months with ZERO sales. I have a no clue what I’m doing wrong. I stress over it daily. I’m always learning and adding merchandise, promoting on multiple page in Facebook,  but nothing. I feel like I’m about to give up on my shop. I get MAYBE 6 visitors a day. Never anything in a cart…. Any input after looking at my shop is helpful. Thanks 

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Hi @Ela123,


I am from Mageplaza - Shopify solution expert.


I would be happy to review your website and provide feedback on both user experience and SEO. Here are my recommendations:


Firstly, I suggest focusing on improving your SEO to attract organic traffic to your website. A lack of traffic might be the reason why you haven't made any sales yet. Since you didn't mention this in your question, I'm making an assumption. Here are some basic elements you should check:


Title Tags & Meta Descriptions:


  • Each page should have unique, descriptive title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Include relevant keywords without overstuffing.



  • Regularly updated the blog with valuable content on topics. 
  • Use headings (H1, H2, H3) appropriately to structure content and include keywords.


Besides, I also suggest at looking into content and UX/UI of your website

1. Add Favicon logo


A favicon is a tiny logo that usually shows up in a browser tab. It is particularly crucial for new websites as it enhances user experience by helping visitors quickly recognize your site when they have several tabs open in their browser.







The banner is too general and doesn't catch attention. You should add seasonal banners for current promotions or collections (e.g., Summer Sale, Winter Collection).


Here is the reference:




2.2. New Arrival section

  • You should highlight the title of the section like the reference below and larger size of text  instead of the small description. 
  • Make the "Add to Cart", and price information more noticeable.
  • Also, “add to wish list” and “Quick view” buttons is another idea to encourage customers to stay on the site. 






2.3. Adding support section


I checked and found that there are no return/refund/shipping policies on your site and this may cause hesitation to purchase. 

You should add detailed refund, shipment, and return policies to enhance customer trust and address purchasing hesitation.


Here is the reference:




2.4. FAQs


You can add an FAQs section to address common customer concerns. 


Also, expand the chat box to include more general questions for better information.


Here is the reference:




2.5. Adding more section


I see your homepage currently just has one new product section, you should add more sections such as: shop by collection, on sale, etc to encourage customers to stay on the site. 

Here is the reference:






3. Search features


You should enhance the search by making larger product images. Include blog search, collection search functionality for better content discovery.





Here is the reference, products with larger images will catch the attention and enhance customer experience




4. Category page


Add more filter options like color, material, on sale, new arrivals, etc., to enhance  customer experience, save time customer searching for products and therefore improve conversion rates.




5. Product detail page


5.1. Lack of product information 


This might be an issue for the conversion. The  product information should be in more detail. Please see the difference between yours and the reference








5.2. Lack of review section


Review will provide customers more information about the product. It will enhance trust and provide more information regarding the product.


The reference:




6. Cart page and check out page


Display recommendations or promotional sections on both pages to effectively promote products and attract customers to buy more.




I hope my recommendation will help you. Feel free to reply for a more detailed analysis on any specific area, or if there are any challenges you have. 


Good luck!


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Thats a good one.


Ecommerce is getting harder, you need to popout, more or less.

I saw it often like "Make a shop and advertise, after that sitting and wating"


Check your options, competitors etc. and make it better.


I guess there is a huge missunderstanding in ecommerce.

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Hi @IKRDE , thank you for your feedback! 

Mageplaza | Top-Rated Shopify Agency | Trusted by 230,000+ worldwide merchants

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When I clicked on your blog, it was full of adds and it was hard to figure out how to get back to seeing your store.  I hope this helps

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Hello @Ela123,

Welcome to the community. This is Kate from PageFly, the Shopify Landing Page Builder app.

I want to acknowledge the effort and dedication you’ve put into your shop. Running an online store is challenging, and it’s clear you’ve been working hard. Please know that you’re not alone, many successful store owners have been in your shoes before finding their stride.

1. Optimize SEO. And promote your products on local community, local facebook group, Instagram,

Reason: Your store doesn’t appear near the top 3 in Google search results. 


You can try and test with keywords such as “Vintage Mug,” “Golden Spoon,” “Flat Cup,” or “Pitcher.” I think that local SEO strategies may be beneficial for your business and products, helping you reach the local community more easily.

2. Group these product to help customers easy pick their favorite(s)



3. Add more product images. Close-ups and different angles will help customers make purchasing decisions more easily.


5. Add your location, shipping and returning policies. 

This is to build trust to your audiences. And help them more confident in purchasing in your store. 


I hope this helps you find the perfect solution for your store. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Best of luck with your store, and keep up the fantastic work!


Kate | PageFly team


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Hi @Ela123 ,


You've received some great advice so far. Here are a few more suggestions to help you boost your sales and improve your online store:


  1. Promote on Instagram and Other Channels:

    • Instagram: If you haven't already, start promoting your products on Instagram. It's a visual platform that's great for showcasing products.
    • Niche Forums: Participate in niche forums and communities where your target audience hangs out. Engage with the community and subtly promote your products.
  2. Gather Feedback:

    • Target Audience Review: Find people from your target audience to review your store and provide feedback. This can help you identify any pain points or areas for improvement.
    • User Testing: Consider hiring individuals or using services that provide detailed feedback on user experience.
  3. Monitor Visitor Behavior:

    • Third-Party Tools: Use third-party tools like Hotjar or Google Analytics to monitor visitor behavior on your site. These tools can help you see where visitors are dropping off, allowing you to identify and fix problem areas.
  4. Promote Free Shipping:

    • Free Shipping Bar: If you offer free shipping, use a Free Shipping Bar to promote this offer. People love free shipping, and highlighting this can increase your chances of making a sale.

FSB 1.png

Hope it helps!


Good luck!


Best regards,

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