I want to change price of the product from 1499.00 PKR to 1499

I want to change price of the product from 1499.00 PKR to 1499

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By default , Shopify shows the price of the products as “1499.00 PKR” i want to remove the end zeros and write it as 1499 

please tell any solution



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You're gonna have to change the code a bit, depending on the theme you're using multiple places or it could be a setting in the theme editor, check settings and currency or change the code like below



{{ money_with_currency }}

to this

{{ money_without_trailing_zeros }}


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Hi @salman26,


You need to edit the code. Find the file where product prices are displayed. This is often in product-template.liquid, product.liquid, or price.liquid. It can also be in a section like product-template.liquid under the sections folder. 


You can try to replace {{ product.price | money }} with {{ product.price | divided_by: 100 | money_without_trailing_zeros }}

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Locate the Price Display Code

Create a New Snippet ( For Custom Money Filter) 

{% comment %}
  Snippet to display money without trailing zeros
{% endcomment %}

{% assign formatted_value = amount | divided_by: 100.0 %}
{% if formatted_value contains '.' %}
  {% assign amount_parts = formatted_value | split: '.' %}
  {{ amount_parts[0] }}
{% else %}
  {{ formatted_value }}
{% endif %}


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