I want to transfer my WordPress to Shopify

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Recently I created a website on WordPress but I have faced a lot of issues. So, I have decided to transfer my website to Shopify. Please give me suggestions on how can I transfer my website without losing any data. Here is my website.



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Hello @Shahid13


Today, there are three popular data migration tools/apps that can significantly help to import products to Shopify.
These are:
1. Matrixify
2. Litextension
3. Cart2Cart


Follow these essential steps to migrate to Shopify:

  • revise the functionality
  • decide what data you need to migrate
  • migrate and configure the data
  • set up the needed apps
  • develop and implement custom functionality (optional)
  • work on the store design
  • delta migration
  • go live


My team can set up everything and check it. Please, let me know if you need assistance.


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