I would like to receive a notification every time a refund is processed in my store

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Is there a way to automate this?

I can't seem to find any options in Shopify.
I have multiple staff using my Shopify store account and I would like to received a notification every time they process a refund to see how we can send a survey to them and make sure the customer service is reaching out to them

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If you're on Shopify Plus, check out Shopify Flow, that should do the trick.

If you're not on Plus, check out Order Automator. This isn't a standard feature yet but can be built in as a free customization (I'm the lead developer of the app and can hook that up for you :D).

If you don't want to use an app, you could create an SOP for your staff members for the actions they should take when refunding an order (example: 1) click on return item, 2) .... 3) after the refund email me with a link to the order, etc).

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