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Hey Guys! 


Matt from Big Beefys Biltong.


As a biltong supplier in Aberdeen, Scotland. I was part of an online farmers market but unfortunately it's a bit clunky. 


Would there be a way in which a shopify store could operate but suppliers could have their own restricted login to upload products and prices and then customers would come and buy from the store as a whole. As if you have went to the farmers market online and see all the vendors products?


I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for this to be set up but it's just a matter of seeing if it's doable at the moment?


Thanks in advance!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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So I've been wanting to set something similar up that works in a consignment style but also functions as a sort of market. I came across the article [Small-Batch Producers Collaborate to Disrupt the Grocery ... › Shopify Blog]( which was super inspiring. And depending on your plan you can always have staff assigned with specific permissions, so they could upload products to a particular collection, for example, and add blog posts about the product. I'm currently just researching different ways people have attained this functionality so if you did anything rad in the past couple of years I would love to know!!