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Most stores have duplicate customers.

This happens mainly because a customer:

  • Uses different emails/numbers while ordering on your store
  • Makes a typo (“.con” instead of “.com”. ) while adding an email
  • Orders in store vs ordering online

Duplicate customers makes it hard to keep up with past orders.

  • If a customers asks you to pull up their purchase history, this becomes really tedious as you have to look up multiple profiles.
  • Also, your customer can't look up their order history all in one place anymore!

My wife (Sonali) and me (Arjun) have just launched an app that

  • First, identifies potential duplicate customers in your store
  • And then allows you to group duplicate customers together -- so that you can view the collective order history of the whole group in one place!

Currently on beta - here is the link if you want to Try CustomerGroups Pro now.

Please do DM if you want to an extended trial exclusive for the first 100 beta users.

Thank you - and would love your feedback.


sort customers by locationsort customers by locationadd customers to a groupadd customers to a groupview the combined order historyview the combined order history

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Insteresting! Thanks for sharing.


For online only stores I would like to have an option that before user/customer creation I could query (match) some of the basic information the user provided (Name, City, DoB, Document Number (it is required here in my country) so I could AVOID the creation of duplicates from the start. If an user already exists (according to the Matching Rules) it would be presented a popup for login in. Thanks