Im an irate customer. Need customer service phone number

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This is ridiculous.  I ordered a sweatshirt from one of your shops 5 weeks ago and I still haven't gotten it.  I have tried to be nice and patient, but I am beyond livid.  I have already emailed the shop twice for status on my order,   filled out a "Contact Us" form on the shop itself, tried to reach out thru facebook (myself and my husband) countless of times and now I have filed a few claims on directly.  I have not gotten any responses and if i hear one more time that I will hear back in 3 days from a representative,  im gonna lose it.  I want the phone number to customer service now.  I do not want to be directed to your chatbot anymore.  it doesnt work.  I want a LIVE PERSON.  Give me the phone number to customer service.  And now u tell me I have to create a freaking account to do so.  GIVE ME THE PHONE NUMBER TO CUSTOMER SERVICE NOW.   OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

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