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Hi! I am uploading my products in bulk with a csv file and until now it was working really good, but now if i am uploading my product pictures the links are somehow getting a strange ending, i give you an example:


I have 7 different color variants what I am uploading, and every one of them are having a normal name, like i am naming my image files, but some of them are getting those _eabd...._ thing after that, which i don't need there and like this my python script won't work and I can't upload the products in bulk. What can I do? the files are named like here for example 133_beleptem_abba_a_korba_t_shirt_woman_COLOR.jpg but if I get this thing there on the end I can't use my script. Thanks in advance!

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It seems that Shopify is automatically generating additional characters at the end of the image file URLs when you upload them in bulk. To resolve this issue and maintain the desired file names, you have a couple of options:

  1. Manually rename the image files before uploading: Before uploading the images using the CSV file, rename the image files to remove any special characters or additional characters that are causing the problem. Ensure that the image file names match the names specified in your CSV file. For example, rename the file 133_beleptem_abba_a_korba_t_shirt_woman_COLOR.jpg to 133_beleptem_abba_a_korba_t_shirt_woman_COLOR.jpg (without any additional characters).

  2. Use Shopify's built-in bulk image editor: After uploading the images with the CSV file, you can use Shopify's bulk image editor to rename the images. Here's how you can access it:

    • Go to "Products" > "All products" in your Shopify admin.
    • Select the products that have the incorrect image URLs.
    • Click on the "Edit products" button.
    • In the bulk editor, scroll down to the "Images" section.
    • Select the images and click on the "Edit selected" button.
    • In the image editor, you can rename the images by modifying the "Alt text" or "Filename" fields.
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That's exactly my problem, I am uploading the pictures from the shopify admin/content/files, and every image file are named individually, however if I upload them I get those random numbers at the end of the filenames and that way I am unable to upload products in bulk. If they are already named differently how could I prevent shopify from doing this?

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i am having this same issue. any help would be great.. exmample, 


the image url should have ended after ST. but shopify added all these extras numbers and letters