Import CSV - Updating 'Variant Price' and 'Variant Inventory Qty' - without overwriting 'TITLE'

Import CSV - Updating 'Variant Price' and 'Variant Inventory Qty' - without overwriting 'TITLE'

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I have a specific user case/issue that I will do my best to explain.


My business currently is entirely based around partnering with one sole 'drop shipping' partner.


They have an extensive catalogue of of products (5000+) that are made available via a CSV file that is updated every 24 hours.  Their ecommerce platform (I am not sure which) formats the CSV in particular way that requires that I manually amend it with the correct Shopify column titles. I have filtered a certain selection of products and imported them successfully in to my Shopify store.


I have since changed the Title's of the imported products, as the drop shipping partners' 'title' information was very generic and had additional text that I do not wish to be displayed.


I am now trying to import the latest version of the drop shippers CSV file (with the column Shopify amendments) to update any new stock items and also the 'Variant Price' and 'Variant Inventory Qty' information so that my site reflects the latest stock, cost & quantity's that are available via the dropshipping partner.  


However, on import an error is returned stating that "A product title column is required" My concern is that by including the 'Title' field information from the drop shippers CSV my amended product titles will be overwritten. I would have thought 'Variant SKU' would have been sufficient to identify the products and allow the import?


Does anyone know of a method that could help?  I should imagine there are quite a few shops out there who receive daily CSV's from drop shipping partners who also change the title information?


Thank you for taking the time to read through this - I really hope someone can help.



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Hi @RudyAlberto 


There is a quick way of doing this using syncX: Stock Sync app. Here is a small "How To" on how that can be done using the app:

  1. Upload the CSV file on syncX: Stock Sync
  2. Match the Quantity field to the Variant Inventory Qty and Price fields to the Variant Price from the CSV file.
  3. Run the process and syncX: Stock Sync will update both the quantity and price fields on your store.
  4. Only the matched fields will be updated, so you don't have to worry about the title field.

If your supplier host their CSV file online such website or FTP server, syncX: Stock Sync is able to automate this process on a schedule basis.


If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, don't hesitate to contact us!  

Senior Product Manager @ SyncX
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Hi@RudyAlberto ,
You can try to use shopify app called Feeds Bridge, it allows you to map vendor file fields to shopify fields and synchronize everything into your store, in case feed contains words or phrases you don't want to see on your store, you can define mutation rules which will remove certain text while synchronizing products. You can also set up automatic synchronization which will run every day and synchronize latest catalog feed, which means that all new products will be created on your store automatically as well as all existing products will get updated (mutation rules which you define will be applied for all upcomming products as well).

On top of that you can also manage pricing and manage orders.

If you have any questions you can always contact me!

Simonas Skrodenis
Developer of Feeds Bridge - Catalog Management System