Important: Notice of account closure under section 7

Important: Notice of account closure under section 7

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Hello, I have just created my store last night and was in process of setting up my store. I have provided all the information to the shopify and I get the following email


Hello My Store,

After reviewing your information and website, we have determined that you are in violation of Section 7 of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy and we are therefore unable to support your business. We are terminating your account in accordance with our right in Section 14.3 of Shopify Terms of Service.

Thank you,

Shopify Risk


I am not able to understand how do I contest against this as I have immediately sent a response to the team and I get the following reply. I am sure this is a misunderstanding and if I can get in touch with the team, I can better explain and provide legal authentic documentations as well.


Hi Cv,

Thanks for contacting Shopify Support!

A support ticket has not been created.

We are changing how we best support you. As part of these changes, no longer accepts incoming messages, this includes when you reply to a support ticket after it has been closed.

Our Help Center is the best source on everything Shopify and the fastest way to get help from our Support Team. There you can continue your conversation by opening a new ticket in a number of channels.

We’ve been working hard to improve how you get help from Shopify Support. By contacting us via the Shopify Help Center, you have access to suggested resources as well as a number of time-saving steps like pre-authentication that will allow us to tailor your support experience.

Trouble logging in or authenticating for your store
Please first try resetting your password. Follow this step by step guide or get help from our Support Team.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Shopify Support

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Hello @CVCircle  May I ask if this was a scam message or it was really from

shopify? I received the Same Message and clicked on a link. I‘m a bit worried that it was a phishing Mail. I‘ve contacted already the support but waiting for the reply…

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Hello @mijaesro May I ask the same? what did happen to your store i got the same thing 2 days ago and they told me to buy a theme premium but idk why, they just say its sayfier but i dont get why i cant use a free one if they offer me a free theme and now they say i cant use it,