Impulse theme cart quantity selector bug

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hey there, 
within the new update from the impulse theme do we have a major issue with our cart quantity selector. It is not possible anymore to buy more than 2 products of each product - which does sadly lead in a strong revenue drop. 


we updated the theme from 6.1.0 to 7.4.0 - yes the last update is a while ago. Anyways, i copied the new theme to the new version and here we see that the quantity selector works fine again, but all custom code and even the navigation is not there anymore, just in the theme standard. is there a proper way to make this update without any big code losses?  

This is the current shop with the issue:
Thanks in advance for support!


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Hi @OlmoJacks ,


There seems to be issue with how you upgraded the theme. As impulse is a paid theme, you can always contact Impulse support for the issue. They should be familiar with the issue and will be able to solve in no time.


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