In a list of local product variants, can I add a product coming from printify ?

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Hi there,

I am selling some posters that I print myself with some sizes variants. I would like to add variants coming from printify so I can have very large dimensions that I cannot print myself. Is it possible to mix products from printify as variants of my own product that already have variants ?



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Hi @madyx,

If the products from Printify have only one option, such as size (but with multiple variants), you can efficiently manage them by using the Easify Product Options app. It enables you to seamlessly integrate these Printify products as variants of your own product. However, if your Printify products involve more than one option, such as both size and frame, the configuration process becomes more intricate. Please share the specifics of your situation, and I'll provide guidance tailored to your unique case 😊.

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