In Stock Items Show Up As Out Of Stock On Website

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For products that I have variants of, things like shoes with different colors, my website shows that all of a variant will be of stock, but on my admin page I can see that I have the product in stock. How can I fix this so that my website shows that the shoe color is actually in stock?

Also in the same scenario, shoes with different colors and different sizes, I have been trying to put the sizes in numerical order, but when I hit save, Shopify reverts it back to how it was. How can I fix this?

Thank you!

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Same here. It's as if the product loads the inventory for one color and selecting the other color won't update inventory (ie the strikethrough for an unavailable pair of 29 pants remains sold out when you select navy despite it being in stock for navy).


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Honestly if you have a lot of variants you might have to look pretty closely to see if they are in fact in stock. A Medium, Blue, Shirt is a very different variant than a Large, Blue, Shirt which is very different than a Medium, Gray, Pants. There might be some combinations that don't have any stock that have been overlooked.


Barring that, you might just not have the products assigned to a Location that is supplying your online store.

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Not sure if our solution works for you but our team had put quotes in the variant title to denote inch length and it was messing with the theme's JS when it came to refreshing inventory based on a new swatch. I removed it to test and it works now.