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Instagram Shopping Multi Store / Currency

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Couldn't find anything around this topic, so figured Id add it here.

Is the only way to add multi stores to instagram shopping through multiple IG accounts?


I would have thought it maybe possible through adding a Separate Catalog in Facebook for the different stores?


The scenario is I have built multiple stores for 1 client in different countries so that they can control the pricing and manage the translations better. However I can't add multiple stores to the 1 IG account.


Seems most people would just setup a new IG account, but I was hoping someone had tried the Facebook catalog Route and could advise on their discovery?


Thanks in advance.





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This is actually very annoying for end-users and merchants lose a lot of money because of this, we have clients/merchants (as an agency) with the same problem.

This is a workaround without going Shopify Plus:

1. Use multiple stores (Shopify Store for any required currency)
2. Build an intermediate Web App using data from all your stores using Storefront API (This is the tricky part, if you need help we can assist you on this)
3. Stop using the Instagram Bag, since this links come straight from a Shopify Store (which relies on a single currency).
4. User Later or similar instead for link handling ( tool)
5. Handle catalog with a single universal link (User will be redirected according to a set of rules, such as preferred language, geo-location, etc)

You can see this implemented here: 

Let us know if you found any other workarounds!

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Hi Emilio, 


I have a Shopify plus account and have geo-targeted our subdomains on the Shopify side of things. From Facebook's perspective, we have geo-tagged products as well, and currencies still get mixed up. Currencies are getting mixed together for the same products. 


The links you provided are both broken, do you have any advice on how to get this issue solved. 


Thank you in advance