Install the GTM code in Checkout extensibility

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Hey guys,

How can I install the tracking code for the Google Tag Manager to the checkout extensibility?

I had already used this guide, and added the custom pixel in the Customer events according to this tutorial.

But I can't track the events in the Google tag manager.

Please advise.

Thank you!

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Hi @Dan1234567890,


I'm Irene from UpTag: Google Tag + Ads Tracking.

Our app supports Shopify merchants in installing Google Analytics 4, Google Tag, and Google Ads Tracking into their Shopify store without the need for embedding codes. With UpTag, you only need to insert your Tracking ID into the app, and UpTag will set up all the tracking tools for you.


With the event purchase for the checkout page, you only need to insert a short script of UpTag into the Order status page.  Hope that UpTag has the opportunity to support you in setting up GA4, Google Tag, and Google Ads. You can find the app at


Best regards,

Irene | UpTag