Integrating Heartland AND Squarespace with Shopify

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Hi there!


We are currently working on integrating our Squarespace site with Shopify. That part has been pretty seamless. Our issue is, we currently use Heartland as our POS system. We will also need to integrate that with Shopify to get all of our inventory and customer history from in-store purchases. We are most likely switching to Shopify POS but I am looking for a way to integrate all of the customer, inventory, and purchase history to Shopify.


I hope this made sense! Any advice would be great.

Thank you!

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Hi @Shopjudith 

You can use cart to cart app

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@Shopjudith we currently use Heartland as our POS system

You probably want to request a mod to move your post to the Retail & POS forum then so your more likely to cross paths with someone that knows the specifics of that proprietary system, or if your a developer to the API's forum instead.


. We will also need to integrate that with Shopify 

Doesn't heartland have a shopify integration?   


to get all of our inventory and customer history from in-store purchases

Which do you need to do:

Do you need to migrate historical data from X platform to shopify?

 If so Dbuglabpvtltd's answer is the fastest fit.


Or you need to synchronous data of retail POS sales from heartland to shopify <> squarespace in a way the heartland's existing integration(s) cannot?

 If so most likely you need custom app development, or an ERP , or try to wire things together with services like zapier|integromat depending on level of need.


Either way the best approach is to go to the migration section of the shopify experts marketplace and get some consults, and also seek out consults from experts of those other platforms so things are more clear. 





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