Integrating third party digital membership cards with shopify PoS

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Hi there, 


We operate a booking site that enables users to booking studio time at one of our sites. So we have existing customers with existing points amounts. This is a bespoke in-house solution. 


At a couple of our sites we now sell some additional services using shopify PoS but it's not integrated. 


My end goal is to have Shopify and our online booking system be able to share the same loyalty programme. I envision a flow a bit like this: 


1. Customer uses our bespoke platform to sign up and earn points. 

2. We issue a digital membership card/loyalty card to them (using passkit or similiar, containing the user ID).

3. The PoS staff scan the card, it can go and grab external customer data to create a shopify customer. 

4. PoS purchase made, the loyalty scheme is informed of the purchase and the account updates. 


I've read a few solutions for 1, 2 and 4... but not 3... I'm not sure how I scan an external membership card and create/recognise a customer from it...


Any help appreciated. 



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I saw a shopify site integrate with before for printing out cards, which I believe are meant to be scanned onsite.

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Hey there, @BenParkyn. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to the Shopify Community Forums with your POS/Loyalty program question! My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you!


If you're looking to facilitate a way to scan membership cards and have it generate a customer account, or link to a customer account, then you'll want a third party application to assist you with this. I took a moment to look in our App Store and found this application here by Perkd Wallet that seems to be able to facilitate scanning cards and codes via your POS! It would be a good idea to touch base with the app's support team to see if they would be a good fit for you!


Additionally, I wanted to recommend reaching out to our Retail Team directly with your questions via your POS App! If you open the POS App, and then go to the main menu, and then 'Support', you'll be presented with some communication methods (like a phone number and email address) that you can use to reach them directly! I'm sure they'll have some alternative suggestions to provide you!

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