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Interesting Issue with Confirmation Emails

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We have recently noticed an interesting issue (connection) between our in-house order confirmation emails and opening the order online in the Shopify admin.

Sound confusing?  It should, here is what we have found.

Our order confirmations for team members go to  We use Outlook on two different PC's to view these emails, at two different desks.  When viewing the emails on Team Member A's Outlook, emails remain Unread until they are clicked (as per normal).  However, the emails being viewed on Team Member B's computer are a bit different.  If ANYONE of our team open an order online in the Shopify admin (even just to view it) the corresponding confirmation email on Team Member B's computer will show as Read, even though it has not been opened or viewed.  We have experimented and once the online order is clicked the email just changes status without anyone touching it.  

Has anyone encountered this?  This has been causing some issues with overlooked orders, since we usually print order alerts from this email box and the read/unread status is causing some confusion.  I am assuming there is a setting or possibly a glitch somewhere we have overlooked?   We have other email addresses in the company that are shared on more than one machine and the Read/Unread issue does not affect them.  



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