Inventory Bundles Sales Process Question

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Hello Friends!


I have a specific inventory/checkout related need, which seems common enough...but, alas, I cannot find a solution for.  So, I'm reaching out here to hopefully get your insights. 


Here it is: 

I sell individual products, and they are bundle in various ways.  We use an app called Sumtracker, which allows us to sell bundles and the corresponding inventory units get depleted from the Shopify inventory counts.  At checkout, though, Shopify "sold" the bundle (the inventory depletion aspect is on the back end - no issues there).  My organization uses Zoho Inventory for inventory management/accounting/manufacturing.  Zoho is integrated fully with Shopify.  However, the issue for me is what happens when a sale is finalized and Shopify pushes two sets of data to Zoho 1) the "sale" unit on the sales order (which in my case is the "bundle"), and 2) the new (depleted) inventory count for the individual units sold in the bundle.  My issue is simply with #1...I need Shopify to checkout the units as the sales unit, not the bundle.  So instead of a "Six Pack" being checked out, it is "6x 1ea".  This way, my Zoho Inventory would be able to sync and 1) create a corresponding sales order accounting for the units sold (as per the sales data pushed from Shopify) and 2) deplete the inventory units from its counts (as per the inventory data pushed from Shopify).  What happens now is that Zoho tells me it cannot create a sales order because "bundle-6" is not an item in the system.

Any help is great!  Is there a trick?  Is there an app that allows for bundles to be checked out as the individual units?


Thanks! 😊



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Good morning


did u solved this issue ? i appreciate if you tell me how , as we have the same problem here .