Inventory + Continue selling when out of stock NOT WORKING

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We have some items in our store, where we track quantity and allow for buying when out of stock.



- When in the cart, you cannot add more than 1 when an item is out of stock

- If you change the number manually, it changes the number to the NEGATIVE number found in inventory


Example: 0.6mm nozzles:

- Inventory: -9

- Customer adds to cart

- In the cart, customer tries to click "up" button to buy 4 nozzles

- Quantity will only stay at 1

- If the customer tries to highlight the number and change it to 4, then the number changes to -9. 

- Item varient is set to "Track Quantity" and "Continue Selling when Out Of Stock"


This system is not working properly, please help!

Thanks 🙂

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Fixed in the Theme Code:


in the Cart liquid files (particularly cart_design_1.liquid for my store), find the following lines:

<input type="number" name="updates[]" id="updates_{{ }}" class="form-control input-desktop" value="{{ item.quantity }}" min="1" max="{{ inv_qua }}" title="{% if inv_qua < 100000 %}{{inv_qua}} {{ 'products.product.in_stock' | t }}{% else %}{{ 'products.product.many_in_stock' | t }}{% endif %}" {{ bold_qty_attr }} >

I removed the code in red at "max=":

max="{{ inv_qua }}" title="{% if inv_qua < 100000 %}{{inv_qua}} {{ 'products.product.in_stock' | t }}{% else %}{{ 'products.product.many_in_stock' | t }}{% endif %}"

and replaced the value for max with [max="999999"] --- it got everything working properly again 🙂