Inventory History Beyond 90 Days

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It has recently come to our attention that the Inventory History only covers the last 90 days.  We frequently use this feature to investigate inventory outages, assess customer buying patterns, and more. 


However, the limit of a 90 day window makes this feature frustratingly useless to us.  We often order product on a seasonal or quarterly basis, which means by the time the next buying window comes around the inventory history is wiped clean. 


I want to know if there is any way to bypass the 90 day window in Shopify's buying history, OR create an equivalent report either in Shopify, in Stocky, or using BetterReports (pinging @KBetterReports  🙂 ).  The key for us is that we need to know the quantity sold per order, NOT total sold in a certain time period. 

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Unfortunately, we’ve just discovered the same problem.  Did you find an answer?

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90 Days inventory history is USELESS!!!

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You can view only the last 90 days of inventory history for a product or variant. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the records of inventory events for more than 90 days. There is even no API to get the Inventory History of a specific inventory item.

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If you have any further questions, please do reach out either here on the forum, or via a private message/email.

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Thanks for the explanation about the 90-day limit. How can we best communicate to Shopify that this is a bizarre shortcoming which frustratingly diminishes the power and usefulness of the platform? It should be remedied such that you can specify a date range like elsewhere in the reporting tools, and if it can't, an explanation of what otherwise seems like an arbitrary cutoff seems warranted.  

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Once again:
90 Days inventory history is USELESS!!! This is a MAJOR shortcoming of Shopify that we literally love BUT this has to be looked at it. At least we should be able to have a 12 Months history (AT LEAST!) Optimal 36 or 48 Months.

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90 days of history makes no sense, but there's most likely a paid app for it... although I have yet to find one. SUPER weird. 

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I hope this gets an upgrade, because limiting the inventory history to 90 days is unhelpful. 

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Please fix this Shopify!!

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Shopify definitely needs longer history for inventory history. We've been trying to pinpoint the cause of inventory shortages with our multichannel store and it's difficult to do that when it only goes back ~3 months. More than anything it seems like a weird omission.

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How do we escalate this so it becomes a frequently requested product feature.  Being a developer myself working with databases and backend code I know that a API can be built for this. 


The source of the inventory history request should accept a parameter for requested time frame, this seems like a very simple part of the architecture that should've been considered.  The data is in the database, it's just a matter of exposing it to the clients.  Let's get a date range feature ASAP please.  


I'm echoing everyone here that has already stated that the 90 day limit seems arbitrary.  In my scenario I'm attempting to audit our inventory as there appears to be an outage.  I have no way to verify this since the inventory was entered in January 2021 - past the 90 day limit.

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I do not understand... Shopify does so many useful updates and we love it for that BUT it really puzzle me why they don't pay attention to something SO IMPORTANT as this matter it is.

Shopify: Could you please acknowledge all the people  in this discussion (and many other) about this matter?
It seems that as mentioned by @Val_Huggett  should be a pretty easy task...



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This is by far the most frustrating part of this limitation - the data is obviously there because I can export order information from 3, 6, 12 months ago ... So why can't this same data be used for inventory reporting?  Everything is so much more cumbersome than it needs to be. 

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i thought it was my account or something until i found this post, this is absolutely bollocks, needs to be fixed, i should ask shopify to get me my data but looks they don't care (hope is not an app)

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For our business this is such an oversight it's comical. And how are there not more people getting upset about this? It seems inconceivable to me that this is not a more important feature for many businesses than seems.


Can someone explain to me why Shopify would do this? Because if they can have an arbitrary number like 90 days then surely they can have 900 days? Are they really saving so much in server costs by cutting it to 90 days? I'd love to know how much money they save by cutting it to 90 days rather than 365 days at least. 

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