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I am new to setting up my shopify site and I am trying to set all my inventory amounts.  I have multiple variants for each item but I would like the inventory to pull from the same inventory level instead of setting each variant its own inventory level.  Is there a way that I can do that?

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Stacey

You would need to bundle each variant with the same main stock product that controls inventory level. For example our app will calculate the stock of your bundles based on what the component stock level is. So when you sell one the stock levels gets changed for all products linked to the main product.



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Do you have specific reason to have same inventory quantity across all the variants?

My startup is developing and launching soon AI demand prediction solution for Shopify, that would predict sales for each variant separately and suggest, how much quantity you should have on stock to satisfy future demand. This will greatly reduce cost of goods on your stock. If you have physical stock, this the suggested approach.

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