Inventory Tracking by size, not style

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I sell tshirts. I'm adding a handful of sweatshirts - and want to sell by color and customers can choose the design they want. I print on demand. How can I track the inventory of the sizes I have left, but not the design options? All its giving me is the option to track both in combination. This seems like such a simple task we should be able to do easily, but nope.

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Hi @nomadicgraphics,

You should consider using the Easify Product Options app (free plan available) to address your challenge 🤗.

For your sweatshirts, set up the product with Size as the only option and allocate inventory for each size.

Regarding the Design option, refrain from creating them as Shopify options and variants. Instead, use the app to create the Design option using the Image Swatches option type.

This approach allows customers to effortlessly select a design without affecting the accurate tracking of your sweatshirt inventories 🙌.

Give the app a try, and feel free to reach out if you encounter any difficulties!

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