Invoicing Customers - Multiple Orders on a Single Invoice

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We have several customers who have weekly orders, that will pay in a single combined payment at the end of the month. 

Currently we use quickbooks, and invoice them like so, referencing the shopify order numbers. 

1/1 - #7012

1/8 - #7013

1/15 - #7014

1/22 - #7015

1/29 - #7016

I'm wondering if there is an app that will allow me to either make custom invoices, or combine multiple orders into a single invoice.

We do not want to use the same order for all month. 

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Hi there

I am looking for a solution to the same issue.

Have you found a solution?

Best Regards,


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Hi there. I have this issue too. As a workaround I’m thinking 1. Accept the invoice in Shopify 2. Create a separate order in Shopify for each recipient and set the price at $0. This should balance it out, no?


also, Shopify support recommended an app called Multiship where you can input multiple addresses. 

I hope this helps you. Please let me know. 

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Looking for the same thing, can't find anything like it. 1 invoice, for multiple orders. Please, someone???

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Have you found a solution to this? Thanks so much! 

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Advanced Custom Reports app.

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Has anyone found an elegant solution for this that doesn't cost $?  I need to combine multiple orders into a single month-end invoice as well.

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Hi @EdV-Bloom;

"Mergify" our Shopify app, is designed to streamline order merging and effortlessly solve the problem of combining orders. With Mergify, merging multiple orders into a single order becomes effortless, without any inventory changes. By creating a combined order that includes all the necessary items for fulfillment, you can conveniently ship all the orders together to the customer in just one shipment.

Numerous stores are already using the benefits of Mergify, enjoying significant savings on shipping costs.

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If you have questions, our team is readily available to assist you.

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