ioss report generation

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Could you please look into correct IOSS report generation as currently I am having to copy and paste from reports to an xlsx template field by field and we have to do this every month.

Surely the data is already there and we can get some kind of integration worth having?

thanks, Pez

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Hi @PEZ ,

This is John, from Report Pundit.

Report Pundit can create and customize the "AvaTemplate" report which is attached in the thread. We have worked with a couple of merchants in creating the "AvaTemplate" report.

You can schedule the report to Email, Google Drive, FTP, BigQuery on a Daily or Monthly basis.

You can reach us at or contact our live chat support team for help in creating reports.


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Hi @PEZ 

The Sheet Master app can help with IOSS report generation at no additional cost

Here's a quick demo video on IOSS report creation

If this is of interest please DM or email me at so we can set this up for you.

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Hi Anto

Looks promising if its free too, will give it a try out thx

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I know when a person started using this feature for the first time they face this type of difficulties but you can click  on the help  button to take full guidance about it.

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There is finally a solution available:

All VAT scheme detection, calculation and reporting is automated

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We developed an application specifically for IOSS. Eurora also is the first EU IOSS intermediary. 

If you are interested we are looking for some volunteers to test our Shopify APP for IOSS. This will help you to automate all your VAT reporting and calculation for correct VAT % so it will be fully automated with no excel upload or manual reporting. If you are interested please write to and our team will give you further information.