Is a service based business possible with shopify?

Is a service based business possible with shopify?

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I am trying to set up a service-based business and am curious if it's possible with Shopify. We are a delivery company and want to achieve the following: A user can come to the site, enter a pickup and drop-off address (using Google autocomplete), and select various configurations such as the type of service (speed), and whether they need a van or a truck. The price will dynamically be calculated for them based on the distance and the configuration. The users can make payments and view their order history by logging in, see the status, and also place new orders from their authenticated dashboard. I am planning on building a custom store front with hydrogen + remix for context.

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Sure thing! You can totally use Shopify to run your service business. Even though Shopify is mostly for selling stuff online, it can be adjusted to fit services too.

Here's a simple breakdown of what you'd need to do:

  1. Make it easy for people to enter their pickup and drop-off addresses by adding a feature that suggests addresses as they type. You can use something called Google Places for this.

  2. Figure out how much to charge for each service based on things like how far you're traveling or what kind of service it is. You might need some extra tools or apps to help with this.

  3. Let people create accounts on your website so they can keep track of their orders and see what they've ordered before. You might want to add some extra features to these accounts.

  4. Set up a safe and secure way for people to pay you online. Shopify works with different payment methods, so you can pick one that suits you and add it to your website.

  5. Customize your website to look and work exactly how you want it to. There are tools like Hydrogen and Remix that can help you do this.

  6. Keep track of orders and make sure everything gets delivered on time. Shopify has tools to help you with this too.

  7. If your delivery business is more complicated, you might need to connect Shopify with other systems that help manage deliveries.

So, while there might be some technical stuff involved, Shopify is a good choice for running your service business online. With a bit of customization and the right tools, you can make it work smoothly.

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